Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I hate being sick.

BUT . . .

I still managed to get everything done that needed to get done today.
-wrote four pages of my research paper
-wrote two pages of my other research paper
-wrote a reading response to Tolstoy's Letter to a Hindu
-did some beginning research on my "Snows of Kilimanjaro" paper
-bought and ate French pastries while watching "I've Loved You So Long"
-did not throw up said pastries
-scheduled Visiting Teaching
-figured out Friday night things (Kebab Connection and Chili's!)
-created a most marvelous 18-credit schedule for Fall 2010:

English 218R: Creative Writing - J. Bennion
English 382: Shakespeare - R. Duerden
Geology 100: Dinosaurs - B. Britt
Religion 212: The New Testament - A. Skinner
German 202 - C. Clement
Honors 303R: C.S. Lewis - B. Young

All in all, a rather productive day.

Now if my belly would stop trying to crawl up my throat, I might be able to enjoy it a little bit more . . .

Friday, March 26, 2010


Mon Oubliette

Lying on my back, I pluck at smoky roses -
incense sweet and silky.
They smell like time, and old love;
breathing dreamstuff in the silence of

Creation and recreation -
my thoughts are dancing from a
smoldering orange ember.

Why do the good die young?

And is it memory
that evolves
into experience,
or the other way 'round?

I don't
recall -

Old souls are curling,
yet between us
we can only forget.