Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Here it goes again

Well, finals are over, and despite the fact that I put in next to no effort on them (or, really, into any of my classes after the last three weeks or so), it looks like I'll be pulling all A's and A-'s.

I got accepted into my study abroad program, but when I got the email, I suddenly had these insane second thoughts. Like about how England is really far away and how I don't know if it's really a legitimate thing to spend $5000 on. Damn.

But, even though apathy seems to have taken a pretty strong hold on my life, I'm still pleased with things. I still enjoy the rich blessings. I love where I work. I meet wonderful people and they all have stories to tell. It really is a holy experience. Dozens of sacred moments piled one on top of the other.

I'm having some transcendentalistic stirrings, again. I went skinny dipping at the hot springs, and read WW aloud to the trees.

Also, poetry is just about pouring out of me. Maybe I'll post some later. After True Grit tonight.