Monday, August 31, 2009


"If someone comes up and asks you, 'English Major? What are you going to be with an English Major?' look them in the eye and say, 'EDUCATED!'"
-Prof. Petersen

I am in love with my classes, my teachers, my books, my fellow students, and just about everything else.

My schedule this semester is pretty much the best one I could have ever conceived:

German 102- Kajsa Spjut
French 101- Randy Demetter
English 251- Paul Westover
English 291- Zina Nibley Petersen
Honors 201 (The Pen and the Sword)- C. Wilfred Griggs

Consequently, I am fairly euphoric.


  1. Indeed! Good job getting such fantastic teachers.
    Also, say hi to Kajsa for me and tell her that I say you're awesome, so she'll know to favor you from the start. :)

  2. Isn't it wonderful? When I go to class I feel like I'm sitting in the presence of these rare, majestic gods of Academia, timeless children of Passion and Wisdom, and that nothing in this world would please me more than to bask forever in their brilliance.
    Kajsa is amazing. I shall most definitely give her your regards. And why stop with her? I'm sure the name "Christian Straubhaar" bears no little weight around campus. I'll wear your praise as a medal!
    Also, though you've heard it nearly a thousand times on facebook, I sincerely hope you have a great birthday.
    Also, also, thanks again for letting me edit your paper. You've got to let me know the very second it gets published, okay?